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Monday, 3 December 2012

We are the rainbow runaways... DIGITAL COLLABORATION with Corina, the beautiful lady behind Wild & Free!

Recently I've been chatting to the wonderful and inspirational Corina at Wild & Free and we decided to collaborate on some digital images. She sent me some gorgeous photos she'd taken in her shell bralet, handmade necklace and Arnhem Clothing kimono (which they're doing a giveaway on HERE) and I just couldn't resist - I went a bit wild on them (so to speak!) ;). The images I've used to edit and enhance Corina's with are all my own drawings, yet they seemed to flow so beautifully with the set she took. 

Definitely check out her AMAZING jewellery etc., it's awesome and so is she. In the meantime, be transported by this magical set of images, and be one of us; we are the rainbow runaways.

It's been really great chatting to Corina about her exciting business and life in Santa Barbara. As an emerging designer, it's so useful to hear other designer's inspirations, expectations and aspirations.

Initial photographs via Wild & Free... post production by me!

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