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Sunday, 6 January 2013

LEATHER MEETS THE STARS: Spell & The Gypsy Collective and their wonderful designs & dynamic

I have been, am and always will be incessantly inspired by the wonder that is
Spell & The Gypsy Collective.
It is not only their innovative, thoughtful and moving designs that capture so many, but it is also their kind, determined and excited attitude that draws you in. Their beautiful souls shine through in their stunning combinations of shells, silks, crochet, cream, pastels, bone, silver and faded leopard print... when leather meets the stars.

The combination of print, pattern, texture, shape and style is always dead on the bleeding edge of bohemian design. Based in surfy Byron Bay, their love for the free woman radiates from their edgy clothing and jewellery. What I love almost more than this is the fact that they came from where I am now; I've done a fair bit of trawling through their blog and I somehow ended up back at 2008, where I found some wonderful images of Spell & The Gypsy in the beginning. Spell & Lizzy, some wonderfully styled handmade necklaces and the world at their feet. Which it certainly was. Hard work, a love for what they do, a talent for design and a smile for everyone has meant that this company has blown up and I am so glad I am witnessing it. 

The draping, the colour combinations, the jewellery, the details. Silk.

The dash of pink nail varnish just gives that picture that extra dimension, that bit that separates it and pushes it above and beyond... I love this image. I love the layered jewellery.

This skirts absolutely triumphs the skirts of 2012. Everything down to the thickness of the tassels is exactly right, the formation of the shells is perfect and it looks wonderful however I've seen it worn. It is design talent in it's entirety and I can barely find the words to do it justice.

What a beautiful piece of jewellery. This ring really gets close to my heart; I have a brother and a sister and I can't help but think of this as a metaphor of us three. Connected, our own beauty but shared. I long to own it. I'm still trying to save...

This is one of my FAVOURITE ever Spell images. I love the soft pink, the sunkissed skin, the thick oatmeal tassels, the cowries combined with the soft bronze, the tousled hair and the brighter pink out of focus... It's such a perfectly balanced design and shot. Which is, essentially, what all Spell is. Perfectly designed, balanced, and represented. Flawless.

In conclusion, I called this post LEATHER MEETS THE STARS because I can't help but feel the sparkle of Spell & The Gypsy Collective every time I look on their blog, their Instagram or their site. Not just through the incredible designs, but through the beautiful, passionate love that the company emanates. It's a love and a joy that they want the whole world to see, and it's looking as if the whole world will.



  1. Wow what a gorgeous post!! thank you so much Elle!!:) XX big hugs from the girls at Spell x lizzy

    1. No problem, it's the truth! Lots of love xxx