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Thursday, 23 May 2013

CHIAROSCURO: When I fell in love with a girl called Chloé part 2 (the biggest blog post I've ever done)

I felt it was imperative that I wrote a blog post on Chloé, and it was natural that this would be my biggest post ever. I've written about Chloé before ("When I fell in love with a girl called Chloé"), but it's not just the ad campaign that initiated my passion (S/S 2007) that draws me in to Chloé. It's the sensuous fabrics, the drapery, the tailored bohemian styling, the tousled hair, the muted colours occasionally contrasted with a shock of bright or dark, the leather that looks as soft as silk, the silk in itself, the billowing sleeves, the virginal soft skin of the models, the ethereal edge, the bows and pleats, the tulle, the piercing lines entwined with the fabric that seems to fall off the body (and they're the kind of clothes you want to fall off your body). It is, simply, everything.

Looking at the fabrics and shapes of literally all of Chloé's collections, I feel like I'm listening to a remix of Tchaikovsky: his classical sugar syrup meets molasses melodies nearly reflect Chloé exactly, but that sharp edge remains in the designs and so it must in my hypothetical DJ choice. Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet Overture and Amy Winehouse's bittersweet 'F*ck Me Pumps' are my soundtrack to Chloé's collections, especially this summer's embroidered & pleated "Amandine" tulle dress. I'd wear the nude and crystal fanned dress with my hair down, dark pink lipstick and nothing else, in a tall city apartment with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from a champagne glass, listening to my darkly honeyed playlist. Sugar syrup, molasses and satire. Chloé.

Really, the immortal name couldn't have been chosen better. Selected to represent a feminine and carefree attitude, it feels modestly coquettish - just like the enchanting designs. And they do enchant; its far more than charming, it goes deeper. Infatuation? I'd go as far as to say so, yes. I can even put a name to my yearning: I've fallen for Chloé, doubtlessly. 

I'm so interested in the pleated, ruffled sleeves. I'd love to (and will be doing) experiment with this sort of style in my third year degree show project. I'm thinking of basing it around France, which ties in nicely with the Chloé legacy.

I'll repeat it once more: sugar syrup, molasses and satire. Does this image not sum it up?

The bow sleeves! Sigh, so feminine and coy.

I adore the styling here: messy natural hair, big sleeves and retro sunglasses.

I swear one day I'll own this dress.

Shocks of magenta (aka: my life story).

I can't even pin it down to one collection; I love them all, and I love something unique about them all. Be it the pleats, or the paperbag waists, or the oversized style, or the embroidered hem, or the ruffles, or the wide leg trousers, or the silk or the leather... I still love it.

I feel a bizarre connection to Hannah MacGibbon as Creative Director simply because she was there when I fell for Chloé, however with each collection Clare Waight Keller absolutely blitzes it and I'm one hundred percent convinced about her. She looks like one of the campaign models - she has that feminine charm that epitomises Chloé. 

SLEEVES! Such a big deal at the moment, and for just reason too. Just look at these.

The leather that gets me every time. It drapes so beautifully, which feels like such a contrast to the masculine connotations of leather. So well executed.

To conclude, a printed silk jacket. Who doesn't love a printed silk jacket? Especially when it's as unapologetically both girly and punchy as this one. Which incidentally is how I feel about Chloé as a whole: unapologetically both girly and punchy. Honeyed darkness. Tchaikovsky and Amy Winehouse. Silk and leather. Chiaroscuro.


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