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Monday, 14 July 2014

Exhibitions, pom poms and a new project!

There's been so much going on recently it's been hard to keep up! In the last few weeks I've graduated from University of Cumbria with a 1st Class Honours BA (Hons.) in Contemporary Applied Arts (specialising in printed textile design), exhibited at the incredible initiative that is New Designers alongside some amazing emerging designers, started a new project based on veils, feminism and novels, generated an obsession with organza pom poms and customised some shoes, become infatuated with creating contemporary jewellery and watched some incredible movies.

I'm really excited about my new Veils project. I'm not giving too much away until I have it underway but there's some really interesting concepts about paradox, decadence, sexual ideals, purity, feminism, silencing, gender, novels, and power. And some exciting techniques: digital print, screen print (acids and pigments), transfoils, glitter transfers, beading, machine embroidery, PVC embellishments, laser cutting, ruffles and fraying. We'll see...


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