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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I've been mentioning on social media recently that I was going to start pushing my blog in a more "fblogger" type direction - so here's my first #ootd (details below)! I've been obsessed with my Mom jeans recently, I'm dying for another pair so I can customise them again. I love them with the layering I've demonstrated here - and the colours! PINK 

The cow print collar is a recent addition to my wardrobe and I adore it. I love it with my handmade pink scarf, which is from my degree show collection and works perfectly as a kimono. I've made sure my makeup and accessories are glittery & tacky as ever to set the pink off, and curly hair is my staple!

What's your favourite colour to wear, and what do you wear to compliment/contrast with it?

JEANS: Topshop, with customised patches
KIMONO: Handmade by me for my degree show collection!
FISHNET TOP: eBay, my favourite ever place to shop
BRALET: Topshop, customised with Dylon dye
GLITTER RING: Jen Cheema via Etsy
SOCKS: Topshop
SHOES: Asos, a while ago

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