Fashion fabric designer/maker

Elle Shoel

Fabric designer/maker & editor-in-chief of HOT BLOOD magazine

Ups and downs, sick beats and slow melodies, rawness and slick production, film soundtracks and 90s grunge. Conflict & alliance. Excitement. Wear pink velvet & black leather and drink Earl Grey lattes, peruse photos and relate to words, disagree with bits and find your own opinion, fall in love with some perspectives. Put on heels and a shredded denim jacket and drink neat Bourbon while you dance. Capture your spirit in photos and share them, because who the f*** cares that you took a selfie? Embrace the moment. Share your joy. Laze around in a too-big jumper and tights, drink full fat coke and discuss an editorial with someone you like talking to. Show them the shoot to go with it. Ask their opinion and listen, then think about what they said. Watch a violent movie and look at pretty pictures. Enjoy it, appreciate it all. Devour it.


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